Patient Services

Prevention of disease is an important step toward good health. Our primary care providers work with our patients to provide them with evidence-based, age-specific care with routine wellness checks that include physical exams and cancer screenings. When the patient requires specialty care, our primary care providers can refer the patient to in-house specialists including: Dermatology, Endocrinology, ENT, Nephrology, Neurology, Rheumatology, Orthopedics, and Pulmonology. Additionally, our providers may utilize our referral network, Access Health, to access specialties not provided by our clinic.


All visits are by appointment only, with the exception of our Walk-In Dental Clinic, held on Mondays at 6 pm, extractions only


New patients must meet eligibility requirements, fill out a new patient eligibility form and provide all proofs prior to being given an appointment with a doctor. Patients must re-qualify every year.


The Dream Center Clinic provides care for those who have no health insurance and income that falls within 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines(FPG), based on the number of people living in your home. Please refer to this chart.

Income Eligibility Chart

Number of people bringing income into your household

2022 Monthly Household Income @ 250% FPG

2022 Annual Household Income @ 250% FPG


Proof of Income

Patients must provide proof of income for all adult family members living in your home. Examples include: most recent tax return, 2 current consecutive paycheck stubs no older than 45 days old, award letters for: Social Security, disability, workman’s compensation, child support, alimony, food stamps, or retirement income. If a patient is unemployed a letter of support will be required indicating how you pay for food, housing, and utilities.


The Dream Center Clinic serves its neighbors in North Charleston, Hannahan, Goose Creek and West Ashley. Eligible Zip Codes include: 29405, 29406, 29407, 29410, 29414, 29415, 29418, 29419, 29420, 29445. Patients must provide proof of address. Examples include: current utility bill, tax bill, lease, etc. All documents must be current and have YOUR name and address.


Eligible patients must provide proof of identification. Examples include: driver’s license, State ID card, or passport.

Fill out the Following Forms to Become a Patient

Both of the following forms MUST be filled out in order to become a patient. Once the forms are submitted online a coordinator from the Dream Center will be in touch for an appointment.

Current Patient?

Fill out the following form in order to schedule a new appointment.