Community Partners

Community partnerships are key to the clinic’s success in providing comprehensive medical services and the continuous evolution of our programs. These partnerships also allow us to connect our patients with services currently beyond the clinic’s scope. Collaborations with healthcare partners and community groups are mutually beneficial and come in all forms – from hospitals and medical practices to businesses, foundations, and other local nonprofits.

Access Health

Bridges to Access



Harvest Clinic


Lowcountry Crisis Pregnancy Center

Lutheran Family Services

Xubex Pharmacy Services

Roper Cares Clinic

Shifa Clinic

Together RX

Tricounty Radiology

Tricounty Family Ministries

United Way Hotline


Medication Assistance

Dental Programs

Coastal Catholic Charities 843-531-5535

Community Impact for Christ 843-873-2283

Coastal Catholic Charities 843-531-5535

Our Lady of Mercy Wellness House 843-559-4493

St. Matthew Baptist Church 843-740-7114

Sunnyside Dental 843-572-9909

Trident Technical College of Dental Hygiene 843-574-6465